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Decaying Future - Now available

Graffiti writers stand at the forefront of reinventing public spaces. From the early days of subway graffiti to modern-era legal crossover graffiti, writers have sought out every possible surface on which to practice the craft. The gradual decline of the American infrastructure has provided a bevy of ‘new’ canvases for these aerosol expressionists to prove their cultural resiliency.

Decaying Future chronicles the past, present, and potential of one of graffiti’s most irrepressible talent groups and captures the artistic renaissance rising from the ashes of American industry.

Work by: East, Emit, Cycle, Jive, Vogey, Ouija, Jick, Nace, Gaze, Ewok... and more.

• Full color • Hardcover • 9x7 • 174 pages

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Ghost Town - Derelict Funk

Exploring an abandoned Mining town. Founded in 1886 during the Colorado Silver Boom, the town later became a center of leadand zinc mining in Colorado, centered on the now-flooded Eagle Mine. It was abandoned in 1984 by order of the Environmental Protection Agency because of toxic pollutants, including contamination of the ground water, as well as unprofitability of the mines.
Featuring graffiti by EAST, EMIT, DOHER, and DASEK. Also Including cameo pieces by TASTE, PULP, and BURD.
From Sensei Unseen - Vandal Cinema


Exploring an abandoned spot in Wyoming
Music and video produced by Ricks

Scribe - Co Crush 2016

Scribe paints a character at the Colorado Crush, Denver Colorado 2016
MUSIC AND VIDEO produced by - www.charliericks.com

Emit Style Swap

"I really wanted to do some new things this year as far as my graffiti was concerned. I spend a week in January talking to various writers and friends such as Jick, East, and Rime. I was looking for insight on new techniques, and something to inspire a different approach. Everyone had some good input to help me move forward… In the end I felt the thing that would push me to break the mold, would be to attempt a familiar and well known idea.. the "Exchange". 
- Emit

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Dope Cans - Colorado

The DF crew along with graffiti legends Dero & Sye had a good weekend of painting in Colorado thanks to a shipment of paint from Dope Cans.
Featuring Emit, East, Sye, Dero, Jive, Scribe, Taste, Vogey, Rapes - Colorado
Video and photos by: #emitdf #TheArtOfStyle
Editing by: Dopecans

120 burners in a year

"I started 2011 with a personal mission. A mission that has eluded me during my 18 years of painting. The goal, do 100 pieces in a year. This was put into motion when EAST stated that in 1989 he had completed 100+ pieces. Adding that none of the crew members had ever achieved more than that."
- Mr. RapSpray

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Colorado Crush 2014

A Time Bomb Ticking - Taste, Mek, East, Emit (music TDK)
Sponsored by Dope Cans and Coloroado Crush
Video: EmitScreen Shot 2017-03-16 at 6
Editing by: Dopecans

Colorado Crush 2013

EWOK VIDEO BLOG 83 - Ewok, Emit, Jive, Jick at Coloroado Crush in Denver Colorado.

DF Brooklyn

EWOK 5MH VIDEO BLOG 45 - Jick, Ewok, Sub and Emit
Video: Ewok


EWOK VIDEO BLOG 21 - Connecticut 2010 - Emit, East, Merz, Rapes, Cycle, Jick, Ewok, Gaze, Jive, Fact, Noble, Lead, Tdee
Video: Ewok